Save time and money: Let AI handle all customer interactions
Manifest intelligently delivers contextual, and human-like instant responses for your Shopify store
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Leave no customer unattended
Deliver instant resolution to customer queries 24*7 with no downtime.
Save upto 80% support cost
Outsource live chats to GPT and save on your ticketing softwares along with expense live agent cost
Delight customers with personalized experiences
Manifest understands your users' requirements and delivers responses in the language of their choice
Personalize the AI assistant to suit your desired customer experience
Customizes the way you want
Set your AI Avatar, pick its response tonality and make it sound like you do!
It is Multi-lingual
It understands all languages and responds in the same. No need of additional training.
Highly trainable
Pre-trained on your Shopify data to answer all FAQs, order tracking or product related inquiries. Connect more sources to train it further.
Integrates with your favourite live chat apps
Connects easily with Gorgias, Shopify inbox and more to handover conversation to live agents when required.
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Manifest AI has outperformed Tidio and transformed our customer support. It answers most queries without live chat, emails us when necessary, and even scans our Shopify pages for answers. A remarkable improvement from others.
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