Add 20% more conversions with AI driven product discovery
GPT-Chatbot changes the way users discovers product and information with conversational and personalized recommendations
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24*7 Product expert on your Shopify store
GPT-bot, trained on our product information, intelligently recommends the best-suited products for users
Reduces buying time for your customers
Saves them from cumbersome product discovery by instantly suggesting products they are looking for based on their inputs
Add buyers from new geographies
Assists buyers in their native language allowing them to discover your products and make the purchase
Convert your visitors into customers faster with a new way of product discovery
Spot on recommendations
Manifest syncs with product details and enhances with GPT capabilities for precise answers and spot-on recommendations.
Recommend similar products
Users can find more products similar to the ones they like so as to give them more options to choose from
GPT nudges for your best sellers
Nudge confused new users on your website with dynamically selected best selling products helping them make their first purchase faster.
Choose what the bot should answer about
Automatically remove obsolete products, catalogue or blogs from bot responses. And out-of-stock items from product recommendations.
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We've installed it in two stores, and the team's support has been exceptionally reliable. They're proactive in assisting us and open to feedback for enhancements. I highly recommend Manifest AI for your Shopify Store.
Mitchell Group (USA)