Needs little to no training = Instant go live!
Trains automatically from your Shopify data. Still need more training? Upload PDFs, add FAQs or connect custom helpdesks.
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Automatically gets trained on your Shopify data (products, blogs, order status, FAQs and more) to go live in <5 mins
Upsell with FAQs
Answers FAQs along with upsell product recommendations related to the question, thereby increasing website conversions
Outsource support to an AI chatbot
Add PDFs, link or connect with your favourite helpdesks to further train the AI bot so it can entirely replace your live support
Train the AI in no time to replace your live customer support team
Instant training and go live
The AI bot instantly syncs your Shopify data to launch in minutes on your Shopify website. Test the bot responses before making it live.
Add upselling FAQs
Custom train the AI
Continuous AI training based on your feedbacks
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Manifest AI is fantastic, easy to install and incredibly efficient. I particularly appreciated the customization and the PDF file upload tool that allows the Chatbot to learn content that is not on the website. The Support is very kind and helpful.
Printkeg (USA)